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Airbus A401

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Airbus A401

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Airbus today announced the new A401, a super-airliner based on the A380. The aircraft will carry a mind boggling 1,500 passengers on long haul routes. This will be made possible by a pioneering honeycomb arrangement of pods in which the passengers travel in a recumbent pod supplied with a full range of digital entertainment and communication options provided by an 11" iPad-like touch screen.

"This offers airlines the option of reducing trans-oceanic airfares to under $100," said Bulric van Crapen, Airbus Director of Marketing. When asked if people could tolerate such confined conditions for up to 14 hours, van Crapen pointed out that people once traveled for months in similar conditions. "It's a matter of adjusting expectations," he said. "Our data shows that people are willing to trade the traditional notion of air travel for one that offers significantly lower prices. This is merely the extension of a trend that has been happening for years with airlines fitting more seats into a given area. By eliminating the seats we are actually making the experience much more pleasant and comfortable. And this is no Middle Passage, passengers will be provided the very latest in digital entertainment offerings and other features in the pod will be designed by the small space specialists at IKEA."

Virgin Airlines has placed firm orders for 10 aircraft for New York to London/Paris routes. They will also be offering exclusive twin pods designed for double occupancy. "Not only are we pleased to lead the way in offering much lower trans-Atlantic fares, we will make joining the Mile High Club a much safer and practical option for many more air travelers," said Virgin Chairman Sir Richard Branson.

The first aircraft are slated for delivery next April 1st.

Interesting Airbus A401 Fact

Today is April 1st, 2011

Quick Airbus A401 Specs

Year Introduced2011
Number Built1+
Cruise SpeedMach 2.2
Useful Load500,000 lb
Wing Span
Seats6 seats, 1500 passengers
Rate of Climb