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An Aventura II at Sun 'n Fun 2004

The Aero Adventure Aventura is a family of ultralight amphibian marketed as a kit aircraft by Aero Adventure Aviation of Rockledge, Florida.

The aircraft are high-wing flying boats of pusher configuration available in both single and two-seat models. Its design heritage stretches back to the Advanced Aeromarine Buccaneer amphibian ultralights.


Introduced in 1995, the single-seat Aventura has repositionable main landing gear, down for runways and up for landing on water. The steerable tail wheel is retractable in concert with the repositioning of the main gear. There is no water rudder. The wing is an aluminum frame covered with pre-sewn Dacron envelopes. The hull is constructed from fiberglass and the wingtip floats are polyethylene . The remainder of the structure is anodized aluminum tubing, bolted together. Controls are conventional three-axis, with full span ailerons and no flaps. The company claims that the fast-build kit can be constructed in 90 hours.

The two-seat Aventura II was introduced in 1996 and is similar to the single seater, but with a wider cabin and hull for two occupants in side-by-side configuration. The two-seater also features flaps to reduce landing speeds. The company claims 130 hours to build the two-seater from the kit.


Aventura UL

Single seater optimized for the US FAR 103 Ultralight Vehicle category, with an empty weight of 328 lb. Engines include the original Rotax 277 in early models and the Rotax 447 currently.

Aventura HP

Single seater intended to be registered as an amateur-built aircraft. Standard engines are the Rotax 503 Rotax 582 .

Aventura Sport

Two-seater marketed as the simplest and lightest model in the line-up. Standard engine is the Rotax 582 .

Aventura II

Two-seater with some options included as standard features. Standard engine is the four-stroke Rotax 912ULS .

Aventura XLR

Limited edition two-seater with many extras as standard features, including a new style engine cowling, custom graphics package, redesigned instrument panel including GPS , vertical speed indicator and a mode-C transponder , electric landing gear retraction, gear indicator lights, differential hydraulic brakes, carpeting and a headliner. The standard engine is the four-stroke Rotax 912ULS .